Finland Education and its acclaimed schools

Learning is a necessity for all humans living on earth. Many countries around the world have placed systems for education to provide learning opportunities for their citizens. Finland has for many years been among the top examples of good education systems around the world. It has led the way for many other countries in more than two decades now. Students have gone to Finland for exchange programs while other countries have gone for benchmarking and this is definitely for a reason.

Even though Finland is not the leader in the world’s education sector following the 2008 recession, it has had a significant contribution to learning around the globe. The country continues to set an exemplary education system that has helped its people. They have been a great example to emulate. Students from Finland have performed exceedingly well and this sparked a lot of interest from other countries. International tests have seen Finland students at the top leading other students from different parts of the world.

Secrets of Finland’s Education system 

Different countries continue to borrow from each other on grounds of education. For example, the concept of doing homework for students was borrowed from ancient Rome where it was invented. Therefore, any unique idea believed to be making a difference in the education system has found its way to many other parts around the globe. Today, many countries want to know what Finland is doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Education in Finland has taken a somewhat special approach that is believed to bear results for its people. It is not entirely a new concept but it is one that has born results for them. They have implemented a child-centered education system based on research and evidence. Most importantly, these learning institutions and organizations are run by highly qualified professionals in the field of teaching.

What we can learn from Finland’s Education System 

Experts say that they have seen tomorrow’s school in Finland. It is a game-changer and the results have been evident over the years. Here are some of the key ideas that have been engraved in their education system:

  • The education system is not managed like a business entity. The idea of heated competition does not exist in this country. It is believed that these traditional measurement-based accountability and pay determined by performance have decreased the quality of education elsewhere and therefore not practised in Finland.
  • Education in Finland is based on trust, collaboration, and collegial responsibilities between learning institutions.
  • Teaching is not seen as a technical and temporary craft that can be done by anyone. Professionalization of every aspect is vital in this country.
  • Most importantly, education quality in Finland is not based entirely on numeracy tests and literacy scores. They take a whole-child development approach and enhance equity of education results alongside physical education and art as well.


Finland’s education system entails an all-round child-centred holistic strategy that promotes the welfare of all. These are top practices that can be applied anywhere around the world and not in Finland alone.

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