Does homework result in good?

Questions commonly asked are; what could be the advantages of doing homework? Or what could be the disadvantages of doing homework? Does even homework result in any good? From writing, book reports to dioramas, and doing research projects to algebraic problems, the quantity and the type of homework assignments that are being given to kids has been talked about for as long as a century. 

In the nineteen hundreds, a lot of education theorists railed against the negative impact of homework on their kids’ mental and physical health. These caused California to stop teachers from assigning homework to children who were below fifteen years of age. In the 1950s, when there were a lot of technological improvements with the Soviet Union, the public decided that their kids should be given homework. 

In this current time today, from fifth graders running down to kindergarten are being given a range of about 2.5 hours to 3 hours of homework in a week. From 6th graders to 8th graders, they have an average of about 3.2 hours of homework in a week per teacher, and 9th to 12th graders have an average of about three and half hours of homework in a week per teacher. Now that for high kids have about five teachers, and this makes them average about seventeen and half hours of homework per week. 

Now, does homework result in good?

First, we will start with them;


  • Homework improves the achievement of the students.

Research shows that homework improves students’ achievement by enhancing the grades for students, the results of the tests, and a higher chance of attending college.

  • Homework develops skills in life and also good habits of studying. 

Everybody knows that when you keep on practicing, you will become perfect. Students mostly can only remember fifty percent of the information being given in class. So for one to have more than fifty percent, one has to do homework. 

  • Homework helps parents to look into what their kids are doing in school.

Let us appreciate the work given to kids to do at home, and parents can know the progress of their kids in school. It also bonds the parents and children. It provides a chance for the parents to understand the weaknesses and strengths of their kids in school. 


  • Excess homework is dangerous.

A study was carried out on the students in high school in California, and it was found out that about fifty-nine percent of them had excess homework, and about eighty-two percent of the students said that the homework would give them a lot of stress.

  • Homework disadvantaged kids from the low-income family background

Forty-one percent of the kids in the United States of America come from families that are of low-income. They have limited or no resources that the kid needs to have their homework done, such as access to computers, pens, a quiet place, pencils, books, and someone like a parent to help them when doing their homework. 

  • There is no evidence to show that homework helps kids. Homework might only be advantageous to kids who are in higher grades.


As much homework is good for the child to excel academically, we should not ignore the other side homework that it also gives children a lot of stress. 

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