Does homework make your kid sick?

There is a new study that shows that there are some kids who do homework that is not less than 3 hours a night, and all the work may just be making the kids sick. It might be enticing to ignore the current research that was carried out in the upper-middle classes. After all, this is the similar statistics that recently brought us news about teachers who drill about two hundred fifty dollars from their students. 

Is it that after a few years, those very kids who graduated make homework longer? Denise Pope said that doing homework for about three hours a night was the average time taken for a student to use when doing homework. Some kids would even do more homework than usual, and they would even do homework for even about five hours. The incidents also happened in schools that had policies to limit the amount of homework that was given to kids. 

During this research, a total of about four thousand and three hundred students were sampled from ten private and public schools that were high performing in the higher middle class in the communities of California.

This study was intended to find the relationship between their engagement, the well being of the students, and the amount of homework that they were given in their schools. And also to find out how homework can be the main stressing factor to kids. 

Is it better to allow students to screw up?

The outcomes of this research were very worrying. It showed that too much homework causes physical health problems, very high-stress levels, and balance is lost in kid’s lives. About fifty-six percent of the kids said that homework is the leading cause of stress in their lives. 

Denise observed that there was a clear crystal connection between stress in students and physical effects like ulcers, migraines, and other problems of the stomach, deprivation of sleep and exhaustion, and loss of weight.

As it has recently turned out, the amount of homework that the students are now being given is exceptionally very stable ever since 1984,

So what is happening to students who are from affluent families?

Denise and her colleagues put most of their focus on the higher middle classes, in privileged schools, this is because it is in these kinds of communities that quality and value of the homework assignments is not questioningly and is deeply established. Here the kids describe homework as the main force that dominates their day.

Some parents wanted their kids to have less homework, and other parents wanted their kids to have more homework. There were also those parents who would give their kids some homework at home, that is, if the teachers did not give their kids any homework. Some other parents were also complaining about the situation that they had not seen their children in an entire holiday just because their children had assignments that were not finished, and they had to finish them. 

While some students were complaining about the stress that the homework gives to them, others complained that they were just typically adolescent. 


Homework can be a good thing when it is used in the right way, and in the right, I mean giving it to students in small quantities; this gives students a lot of time to refresh their minds because they have gotten done with their homework. 

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