I Want To Pay Someone To Do My Homework: Considering Rate Issues

Want to outsource your homework, but concerned about the price? Here is a brief guide to pricing in writing services. As you understand how they determine a price for your assignment and why they charge that much, you will not be easily tricked by scammers who attract trustful students with extremely low fees.

Price Components

Most writing services price homework assignments in dollars per page. One double-spaced page is deemed equal to 300 words, while one double-spaced – to 600 words. You will be asked to give the exact word count for your assignment. On the basis of it and other factors (see below), the total price you pay will be determined.

How do writing services spend the money they receive from you? About a half of each order’s total cost is paid to the writer – the person actually doing your homework. The rest goes for salaries of administrative staff, website maintenance, taxes, and so on. Payment systems you use also charge their commissions.

Factors Shaping the Price

  • Deadline.
  • The sooner you need your economics homework help, the more you have to pay – this is a general rule applied by most services. The reason is that writers need an additional incentive to take very urgent orders on board. A good professional always have a choice in which assignment to take. Other things being equal, most writers would prefer a paper they can hand in a week over the one that is due overnight. To lure them into doing 12h and 24h orders, writing services have to pay higher rates.

  • Academic level.
  • A college homework assignment will cost more to be completed than a high school one, due to the extra hours the writer will have to spend researching it and ensuring compliance. College papers, even on the same topics you have done at school, have to follow stricter requirements and use more sources.

  • Complicacy.
  • Assignments that require non-standard approaches, extensive calculation, or rare software, e. g. a computer science homework you need to do in Oracle, will cost more. For such orders, it is more difficult to find a writer willing to take them.

  • Quality of services.
  • A more expensive service does not necessarily provide better quality. However, there is a line below which no honest company can get. Writers need to pay their bills; and when professionals feel like being underpaid, they leave this job for a more rewarding one. Reliable homework services would usually charge something around the market’s average. Rates that are much lower (e. g. a high school essay for $5 per page, while other websites charge within $9-12) can indicate either an inferior quality or a scam scheme.

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