Primary School Homework Help For Kids: Tips For Parents

Kid’s homework is a great responsibility for parents. When parents take an active interest in kids’ assignments, success touches their feet. Helping them with their homework does not mean that parents have to spend hours with them. Instead, proper organizational skills and a good way of demonstration can solve even tricky issues.

Follow these tips

  • Parents should know the teachers and their requirements: It is necessary that parents attend parent-teacher meetings regularly. It assists them to analyze teacher’s policies and thereby they can easily deal with their kid’s issues. Consult with the teachers if they have a poor attention span.
  • A well-lit study friendly area: A fixed place for studies saves lot of time. Proper ventilation and light keep the students stay fresh for longer. Apart from this kids do not have to gather each and every stationery item every time they start their homework. A properly organized place has all the stuff like pens, pencils, scissors, glue, chart papers, etc.
  • Schedule home timetable: Some students like to complete their homework immediately after having meals after coming from the schools while others like to complete them in the evening after coming from the park.
  • Create a special schedule for heavy days: Inform students that they have to allow additional time on heavy homework days. Make them take 15 minutes breaks after every hour. Stay positive and teach them how to get motivated to do homework.
  • Avoid distractions: It includes no television, music, cell phone, computer, games, friends, or guests in the vicinity. If required make them talk with their classmates over the phone to carry a discussion regarding the homework.
  • Writing should be kid’s job: Parents should not write their assignments. They should only offer them directions and assist in learning.
  • Always encourage them and monitor their activities: Keep a track on their activities, the assignments they are doing, and the marks they have scored in tests. Appreciate them when they have completed their assignments on time. Allot a special time to answer their questions regarding the studies. Do not make yourself available throughout the day. It makes them lazy.
  • Prove yourself a good example: What you do, your kids follow it more diligently. If you look for excuses to stay away from your chores, they are likely to do the same.
  • Make a performance chart: Stick it on the wall. Make them write their academic achievements on daily basis and let them draw their own graph.
  • Help them only when required: Do not help them always.
  • Visibility for the backboard: Discuss if they have a clear visibility for the blackboard and they can copy the answers easily.

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