School Days Should Start Later

Parents, educators and politicians can argue about school days as they continue to be a hot topic of concern across the board. Some people feel they should be longer to benefit student educational needs, while others feel this will not solve any problem that currently persists. According to professional writers who write essays for money, school days starting later could encourage students to get more sleep, but the concept has many scratching their heads as they wonder how this would, if at all, affect students and their learning abilities.

Many students would agree to this idea, only if the end of the school day doesn’t change. In other words, this idea could shorten a school day if schools are not willing to extend them longer past their regular schedules. Students starting later may encourage them to pay attention better in class. More students may show up on time in the morning and they may use their extra time prior to arriving to be more productive. This may allow students to practice better habits such as eating breakfast or walking to school. These aspects seem promising, but when you think about it you need to get a better idea of understanding based on academic grade level as results may vary.

There are downsides to this that may outweigh the advantages or carry similar weight. Parents may have issues getting their kids to school under a later time schedule if they need to be a work by a specific time. Some schools serve breakfast to students and a later time change could omit this meal; some low income families rely on free breakfast offered by some schools. If the school day is not changed at the end of the day, the day will be shorter. This could affect how students plan to attended afterschool activities.

There are different sides of this debate and each has viable reasons for agreeing and disagreeing to this concept. There could be issues with school budgeting and safety of students. There would need to be specific reasons in place for school boards to agree, or at least review the possibility because of issues the school is dealing with. This may be solution to problems for students who find it difficult to focus or concentrate during regular hours. There are older students under 18 that have busy schedules afterschool and they could benefit from extra rest. But others feel this may not be enough to consider for most schools in their area.

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